Popular & Folk

Meyer Music provides instruments and supplies for a variety of popular and folk styles of music. Check out our guitar and percussion accessories, including capos, cases, mallets, and more! Our selection includes:

Guitars and Folk Instruments

  • Classical, folk, and electric guitars
  • Guitar stands, straps, capos, picks, tuners
  • Strings for guitars and folk instruments
  • Cases and bags, hard and soft
  • Harmonicas and small accessories
  • Wide range of ukeleles for beginners or step-up options

Percussion Hardware and Supplies

  • Cymbals, stands, drum thrones, pedals
  • Heads, Remo and Ludwig, practice pads
  • Sticks, mallets, brushes: Vic Firth, Pro-Mark, Balter
  • Specialized keyboard mallets, marching mallets
  • Tambourines, maracas, woodblocks, claves, etc.