Band & Orchestra

From reeds to strings and everything in between, Meyer Music has the supplies you need. Check out our well-stocked shelves of band and orchestra accessories, including a spectacular set of percussion hardware and supplies. Our selection serves students and professionals alike. Visit us to stock up on:

Brass and Woodwind Accessories

  • Reeds, all famous brands
  • Padsavers, swabs, straps
  • Brass mouthpieces: Bach and Schilke
  • Woodwind mouthpieces, caps, and ligatures
  • Valve oil, slide oil, other lubricants
  • Mutes: all standard types
  • Yamaha silent brass
  • Cases and gig bags for every instrument
  • Instrument stands, all instruments

Orchestral and String Supplies

  • Strings: Pirastro, Dominant, Jarger, Helicore, Prelude
  • Shoulder rests, rosin, polish, dampits, rockstops, etc.
  • Bows (horse hair: wood, composite, carbon graphite, fiberglass
  • Cases and bags: modular, shaped, Pro-tec, etc.

Percussion Hardware and Supplies

  • Cymbals, stands, drum thrones, pedals
  • Heads, Remo and Ludwig, practice pads
  • Sticks, mallets, brushes: Vic Firth, Pro-Mark, Balter
  • Specialized keyboard mallets, marching mallets
  • Tambourines, maracas, woodblocks, claves, etc.