Band & Orchestra

From reeds to strings and everything in between, Meyer Music has the supplies you need.

Visit us or call in an order for your student and our educational reps can drop it off at their school on their next visit.

Brass and Woodwind Accessories

  • Reeds, all main brands
  • Padsavers, swabs, straps
  • Brass mouthpieces: Bach, Schilke, generic
  • Woodwind mouthpieces, caps, and ligatures
  • Valve oil, slide oil, other lubricants
  • Mutes: all standard types
  • Instrument cases
  • Instrument stands
  • Marching supplies/lyres

Orchestral and String Supplies

  • Strings: Pirastro, Dominant, Jarger, Helicore, Prelude
  • Rosins and tuners
  • Shoulder rests, rosin, polish, dampits, rockstops, etc.
  • Bows: wood, composite, carbon graphite, fiberglass
  • Cases and bags: modular, shaped, Pro-tec, BAM, etc.