Our professional repair technicians are capable musicians specially trained in their own instrumental area. This includes brass and percussion specialists, woodwind specialists, and string instrument specialists. All our technicians have many years of repair experience, and apprenticed or trained with major manufacturers or other reputable dealers. Our staff is sought out by area teachers and professional musicians, as well as manufacturers, for whom we often provide consultation or custom repair services.


Meyer Music offers the best-staffed and most efficient instrument repair facilities in Michigan. We provide a fully-equipped shop with specialized tools at each of our three locations. We maintain a comprehensive inventory of factory-approved parts and supplies, and provide free weekly pickup and delivery to schools. Expedited service in case of emergencies or concert requirements is also provided. When the job is finished, the work is guaranteed.

String Shop

Our Grand Rapids and Holland locations include a complete repair facility for orchestral instruments (violins, violas, cellos, and basses). The String Shop is equipped with specialized tools and supplies for repairing and maintaining string instruments according to the highest professional standards. Our string specialists are sensitive orchestral musicians who provide the very finest in string adjustment, repair, and restoration. We are totally committed to meeting all our string customers’ needs.

Care and Maintenance Information

We offer customer-friendly brochures on the assembly and care of most popular instruments: