Step-Up Instruments

Why Step Up?

As your player progresses and encounters more challenging music, their instrument should match their growing skills. Their student-level instrument was a great start to their musical journey and “stepping up” will take them even further!

Compared to student-level instruments which are designed to be solid and durable, Step-Up instruments are made of high-end materials for enhanced tone and include special features, such as extra keys, for extended range and enhanced control.

Is it still rent-to-own?

Yes! Meyer’s flexible plan allows you to make monthly payments on all Step-Up instruments, with 100% of rental payments going to ownership. You may pay off your balance anytime and there are no obligations.

  • If you currently rent your student-level instrument with Meyer Music, you can exchange that instrument and transfer 100% of your accumulated credit to your new Step-Up instrument, continuing with monthly payments or purchasing outright.
  • Families that don’t currently rent with Meyer Music may begin a Step-Up instrument rental anytime by providing the first three months of rent paid up-front. Regular monthly rental payments would then begin after this first three-month period.

What about repairs?

Maintenance, repairs, and insurance are all included while you’re renting so your investment is fully protected.

How do I start?

Selecting a Step-Up instrument is an exciting decision! We carry intermediate Step-Up instruments at all Meyer Music locations– stop by to test play and experience the difference.

We also have expert instrument consultants available to assist. Schedule an appointment with a consultant during which they will guide you through the various models and answer any questions about the technical specs, playing, and more.

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