We carry every standard student instrument requested by school band and orchestra teachers. We also stock a select group of mid-level and pro-line instruments recommended by private instructors in our area.

Band instruments include the flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, cornet, trumpet, trombone, French horn, baritone, and percussion kit. Orchestra instruments include violin, viola, cello, and string bass. Most large band and orchestra instruments (such as bassoon, baritone saxophone, tuba, marching brass, etc) are provided by school music programs themselves. Student instruments and select mid-level instruments are available both for direct purchase as well as on our rental-purchase plan. For most beginning students, there are advantages in starting with a rental.

How We Choose Our Instruments

We listen carefully to music educators for their recommendations on brands and models they consider the most reliable and serviceable. We carefully evaluate instruments based on their quality, serviceability, and musical sensitivity. We choose only select manufacturers who:

  • Use respected artists and teachers as consultants
  • Make instruments from quality woods, metals, and other materials
  • Design instruments so they are serviceable and adjustable by repair technicians
  • Provide instruments that play in tune throughout their whole range
  • Back their instruments with dependable warranty service and support
  • Make parts readily available

We represent only trusted names such as Yamaha, Jupiter, Buffet Crampon, Trevor James, Eastman, and Conn-Selmer (including Bach, King, Armstrong, Leblanc, Vito, and Holton).

Meyer’s Superior Warranty

Every instrument we sell or rent has been fully adjusted and inspected by our technicians to assure it is in top playing condition. In addition to manufacturer warranties, we also add our own warranty which includes FULL SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE. We guarantee the instrument for a full year, and provide all necessary adjustment to keep it in top playing condition.