String Instrument Size Exchange

Is your player ready for their next size up?

With your Meyer rental, all of your accumulated rental credit transfers to their next instrument and we can exchange the instrument right at your player’s school- just complete the form below.

Renters with students on the old level system may see a rate increase as your student moves to a new size and receives a higher quality instrument in the new program.
Violin/viola- $20/month
Cello- $40/month
Bass- $60/month

String Instrument Size Exchange
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Unsure of what size is needed?

  • Your student’s teacher will be able to to tell you. If you are unsure what size your teacher selected, you can measure at home for a rough estimate.
  • With your student’s left arm fully extended out horizontally and palm up, place a measuring tape at the base of their neck and measure the distance to the center of the palm. Use the chart below to determine the approximate best fit based on this measurement. It’s best to size down if they are between sizes and Meyer always provides easy exchanges if you need to switch sizes.

A graphic of string instrument sizes