General Questions:

Why are you called 'School Music Specialists'?
At Meyer Music we focus solely on the needs of our area music educators and students. Our stores feature the instruments, accessories, and supplies used by area schools and our staff is trained to support beginning and developing student musicians.

If you are looking for a guitar shop or a specialty folk instrument retailer, please support your locally-owned guitar shop.

Why are you closed on weekends?

As school music specialists, Meyer Music is a unique business that serves the majority of customers through our weekly visits to schools

While we love seeing families in our stores, busy schedules often make it difficult for parents to stop by when their child’s instrument needs a repair or they require some supplies. As more and more of our customers take advantage of our free school delivery, we’ve found it’s less necessary to have traditional retail hours and instead we “bring the store” to the school

For students who are looking to advance to a step-up instrument and would like to test play their options, we hold special step-up events at schools, offer to send out trial instruments to current renters via the school, and hold semi-annual Step-Up Saturdays all in addition to our normal business hours.

Do you provide lessons?
We focus all of our resources into being the best school music specialists in Michigan. Rather than employ private teachers who already may have successful studios out of their homes, we focus our resources on employing a team of highly-reputable former directors who visit schools to provide clinics, sectionals, and support to our educators and their students.

There are a number of exceptional private teachers in the area and we are happy to provide recommendations.

Can homeschool students make use of Meyer Music rentals and services?
Absolutely. We work with many of the area homeschool organizations. When renting an instrument online for a homeschool student, be sure to scroll through the list of schools and select “Homeschool”.
Do I have to drive to a store if I need a repair or supplies?
We know families are busy and don’t have time to make a trip. We visit many Michigan schools each week, just text/call/or use our website and we’ll deliver it to your student’s teacher on our next school visit. There is no charge for this service.
How much do instrument repairs cost?
Instrument repairs can vary widely, so we aren’t able to provide an amount until our techs inspect your instrument. We are happy to provide free estimates for this service and will not perform any repair until we’ve discussed the scope and cost of the repair with you.
If you are renting your instrument, your repairs are included for free! You may send in your student’s instrument through your school for our representative to pick up on their weekly visit, or you can bring it into a store.

As school music specialists, we are unable to provide repair work for guitars or folk instruments, such as autoharps.

Can I sell my instrument to you?
We buy select wind and brass instruments on occasion. Feel free to bring yours into a store and we’ll determine if it is appropriate for our inventory. We do not provide appraisal services.
Can Meyer Music support my charity/school/church fundraiser?
We’re proud supporters of a number of area organizations that help to ensure access to school music.

Due to the volume of requests received, we have focused our support to events and programs that directly relate to music education in our Michigan schools.  Requests must be submitted through the online form.

Instrument Rental Questions:

Why rent-to-own?
When students join band or orchestra, there’s no telling where their musical journey will take them. Maybe they’ll try it for a year or maybe they’ll play for a lifetime. Maybe they’ll want to switch instruments. Maybe they’ll want to upgrade to a ‘step up’ instrument as they advance. Maybe they’ll need a larger size string instrument if they started on a smaller size.

We’ve worked with teachers and families for decades and have developed a rent-to-own program that offers flexible options for all these possible scenarios.

With your rental package, every dollar of your payments goes towards ownership with no commitments or obligations– you may return the instrument at any point if your student is done playing. If your student needs to switch their instrument, size-up their instrument, or upgrade their instrument, 100% of your accumulated rental credit transfers over to their new instrument. Your instrument will always be in optimal playing condition since all repairs and maintenance are covered with your rental.

What’s included with my rental package?
Teachers recommend Meyer’s rent-to-own plan because we work with them to ensure your student will have the exact brand and type of instrument that they want in their classroom.

Your rental package will also include all teacher-required accessories, such as special mouthpieces, tuners, etc., plus a free music stand and the book for class.

Most importantly, repair and maintenance is fully covered while you’re renting, so your student will be able to keep making music in the classroom, no matter what! In case of theft, accident, or vandalism, a replacement instrument is only a call away.

What if my student is done with their instrument?
You may return your instrument at any time with no further obligations. Bring it to a store or ask their director to return it and note that until we receive the instrument back, rental payments will still be due.
What should I do at the end of the school year?
If your student plans to continue in band or orchestra next year, they will need to keep their instrument over the summer to maintain their skills and avoid learning loss. If you return your instrument in the spring, we would consider your account closed, your accumulated rental credit would end, and you would need to start a new rental in the fall if you need an instrument again.

If they do not plan to continue with school music, simply return their instrument and we will close your account.

What if they want to play something else?
In their first year of playing, or based on teacher recommendation after their first year, your student can switch and 100% of your credit transfers to the new instrument. For example, this is often very common for students who want to play saxophone but are required to start on the clarinet.
What happens when they need a larger size string instrument?
Usually your teacher will spot when your player is ready for their next size and we’ll do the transfer right through the school, saving you a trip to the store. All your rental credit will transfer to their next instrument.
What’s a ‘Step-Up’ instrument? Does my student need one?
When your student joins band or orchestra, they will start on a student-level instrument. These instruments are designed for beginners, with a focus on durability and ease of play.

As your student advances and music becomes an important part of their life, it might be time for them to upgrade. A Step-Up instrument offers developing students the tools they need to further improve their tone, playing ability, and range, by providing additional features (like added keys) as well as high-end metal and wood components and construction.

With Meyer’s rental program, 100% of your accumulated rental credit transfers to a Step-Up instrument and you can continue with monthly payments on this new instrument or purchase outright.

When will I own my instrument?
Final costs vary by instrument and the rental program is designed to get you to ownership in approximately three years. You can track your payment progress online by setting up an account in our customer portal.

If you’re ready to own your instrument outright, you may pay off your instrument anytime and take an additional discount off your remaining balance.

What about repair coverage if I’ve paid off my instrument?
While you’re renting, full repair and maintenance coverage is included to keep your student’s instrument in optimal playing condition.

When you pay off your instrument and it becomes yours, you’ll have the option to purchase a repair plan to continue to protect your investment.