Why Meyer?

In 1953 a Christian School music teacher began by providing quality, value, and service to parents in the Christian Schools. Known as “Christian Music Center,” the store soon serviced many public schools who also valued our specialized educational focus. A Muskegon location was added in 1971. In Holland, Meyer Music provided similar quality and service since 1872, and the two companies joined forces in 1989. Today our store family serves parents, teachers, and students in public, private, and charter schools throughout Michigan. We are proud of our heritage as “School Music Specialists.”

Our Mission

We help parents, teachers, and students of all ages grow musically by providing quality instruments, supplies, and music, backed by a tradition of outstanding service, teaching, and support. Our emphasis is on serving the needs of music education as well as family music activities. It includes school programs such as band, orchestra, and elementary music.

Our Outstanding Staff

A dedicated, knowledgeable, and parent-friendly staff serves our store and school customers. Expert and skilled repair technicians satisfy the needs of the most demanding Michigan musicians. Many of our personnel have college training in music education, visit regularly with area music teachers, and continue to help them with their needs. We try to make students, teachers, and parents aware of the value of music education, and make special musical resources available to schools throughout Michigan.

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