School Services

The focus of Meyer Music’s activities is to provide support for the school music teacher. Our qualified school service representatives make regular weekly visits to many Michigan schools, public, private, and charter. We provide instruments, pick up repairs, supply accessories, print music, educational aids, as well as the latest information on music education products and services. We deliver the kind of personal assistance and product support which encourages youngsters’ participation and continuation in music programs.

Personal Care and Support

Our professional staff is glad to provide materials to help in the testing and fitting of instruments, such as the respected Selmer Music Guidance Survey. We regularly loan groups of instruments and supplies to teachers throughout the area for properly testing and fitting the right instrument to beginning band and orchestra students. We also provide complimentary supplies and teaching materials, including music folders, practice records, fingering charts, and instrument care brochures. We help sponsor clinicians or school visits by music educators of national prominence. We provide additional recruitment and retention assistance through printed guides and music provided by the Music Achievement Council, as well as our own library of print and video resources.