Beginner Student Violas

Starting a musical journey with a reliable, quality instrument is the key to a successful experience.

Meyer Music offers quality student level violas as rent-to-own, matching teacher preferences with free accessories. All accumulated rental credit transfers to larger sizes and higher levels as players grow in size and skill.

Step-Up Violas

As your player progresses and encounters more challenging music, their viola should match their growing skills.

Their student-level viola was a great start to their musical journey and “stepping up” will take them even further!

Compared to student level violas which are designed to be solid and durable, Step-Up violas are made of high-end materials for enhanced tone and include special features, such as upgraded bows and strings for extended range and enhanced control.

What’s the difference?

Student LevelIntermediate LevelIntroductory Pro Level
  • made of woods designed for affordability and durability
  • available in smaller sizes for smaller players
  • include a basic level bow
  • designed for progressing players
  • handmade with higher quality tonewoods for increased resonance
  • upgraded strings for enhanced tone
  • upgraded bow for increased response and agility
  • personalized shoulder rest options for violas and violins
  • higher quality case with hygrometer and storage space
  • designed for advancing players
  • handmade by Master Luthiers with select tonewood for enhanced resonance
  • professional level strings for enhanced warmth and brilliance in tone
  • choice of high-end bow for increased strength, flexibility, and clarity of sound
  • personalized shoulder rest options for violas and violins
  • upgraded protective shell case

Selecting your Step-Up Viola

Stepping up to the next level of viola is a big decision and at Meyer Music we want to ensure that you make the best and most informed choice for your musical goals.

We carry intermediate violas at all Meyer locations– visit us anytime to experience the sound.

Instrument Consultations

We also offer personalized consultations with our instrument experts to help guide you through the process. For intermediate level step-ups, our staff at all locations can assist. For advancing levels, our violin consultant, Josh Hoffman, is available for support.

Our viola consultant, Josh Hoffman, is available for consultation appointments during which he can answer your questions, guide you through test-playing, and advise on the technical elements of the instruments. Josh studied music at Central Michigan University and minored in both violin and viola. An active public performer, he also has 8 years of experience teaching privately.

Consultation Request Form