Student-Level Saxophones

Starting a musical journey with a reliable, quality saxophone is the key to a successful experience. Meyer Music offers brand-name student-level saxophones as rent-to-own, matching teacher preferences with accessories included.

Step-Up Saxophones

As a player progresses, their saxophone should match their growing skills. A student level saxophone is a great way to start a musical journey and a Step-Up saxophone will take a player even further.

Meyer Music offers an array of high-end saxophone brands, including Yamaha, Selmer, Keilwerth, and Cannonball.  As Michigan’s only Shokunin Yamaha dealer, their premier level, we also provide access to a wide range of advanced Yamaha options.

What is the difference?

Student Saxophones are made of metals designed for affordability and durability. They include plastic resonators to help project a player’s tone.

Step-Up Saxophones made of higher-grade materials, such as annealed brass, for richer tone color and feature metal resonators for ease of tonal projection and blued steel spring for quicker key response.

Student Saxophones have a smaller neck bore, making them easier for beginners to play.

Step-Up Saxophones feature a wide neck bore for a fuller sound and ribbed construction for more stability and better retention of fine adjustments.

Student Saxophones have standard keywork components needed for solid and reliable performance.

Step-Up Saxophones feature specialized key placement for greater technical efficiency and may include added key mechanisms for ease of play and range extension.

Student Saxophones include a basic student-level mouthpiece.

Step-Up Saxophones feature a higher level mouthpiece, providing improved response, tone and a better initial “voice”.

Selecting your Saxophone

        Stepping up to the next level of saxophone is a big decision and at Meyer Music we want to ensure that you make the best and most informed choice for your musical goals.

We carry intermediate saxophones at all Meyer locations– visit us to experience the sound. We also offer personalized consultations with our instrument experts to help guide you through the process.

Saxophone Consultations

Our saxophone consultant, Lauren Cerka, is available for consultation appointments during which she can answer your questions, guide you through test-playing, and advise on the technical elements of the instruments.

Lauren attended Eastern Michigan University and studied Music Education as a clarinet principal. She has multiple years of experience in both clarinet and saxophone performance, and is an active member of multiple community ensembles including the Kalamazoo Concert Band and River Cities Concert Band. Lauren looks forward to helping your student find their perfect saxophone!

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