French Horn

Student-Level French Horns

Starting a musical journey with a reliable, quality instrument is the key to a successful experience. Meyer Music offers brand-name student-level French horns as rent-to-own, matching teacher preferences with free accessories.

Step-Up French Horns

As a player progresses, their instrument should match their growing skills. A student-level French horn is a great way to start a musical journey and a Step-Up French horn will take a player even further.

Meyer Music offers an array of high-end brass brands, including Yamaha and Holton. As Michigan’s only Shokunin Yamaha dealer, their premier level, we also provide access to a wide range of advanced Yamaha options.

A comparison of student level and step-up french horns. Student level horns feature a smaller bore, making it easier for beginners to play; a single set of tubing, which is helpful for beginners as they work on basic technique and intonation; student horns also include all standard components needed for solid and reliable performance. In comparison, step-up horns feature larger bores for fuller sound, two sets of tubing with an extra fourth valve to create a more pleasant tone and better control intonation; rotor valves are fitted to closer tolerances which minimizes air leakage; available in nickel silver construction for enhanced projection and response.

Selecting your French Horn

         Stepping up to the next level of horn is a big decision and at Meyer Music we want to ensure that you make the best and most informed choice for your musical goals.

We carry intermediate horns at all Meyer locations– visit us to experience the sound.

We also offer personalized consultations with our instrument experts to help guide you through the process.

Our French Horn consultant, Cassie Black, is available for consultation appointments during which she can answer your questions, guide you through test-playing, and advise on the technical elements of the instruments.

A graduate of Interlochen Fine Arts academy, Cassie studied euphonium performance at the University of North Texas and performs with multiple brass bands. She has additional expertise in both trombone and French Horn.

French Horn Consultation Request
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If you submit the form and don’t hear from a consultant soon, please give us a call. Some browsers aren’t compatible with the system and the message doesn’t go through. We’re eager to help!