Student-Level Percussion Kit

Starting a musical journey with a reliable, quality instrument is the key to a successful experience. Meyer Music offers brand-name student-level percussion kits as rent-to-own, matching teacher preferences with free accessories.

Step-Up Options

As a player progresses, their instrument should match their growing skills.

A student level kit is a great way to start a musical journey and Step-Up options will take a player even further.

For the advancing percussionist, Meyer Music offers 3 octave xylophones, 4.3 octave marimbas, as well as 4 and 5 piece jazz kits— all from high-quality brands like Yamaha and Gretsch.
photo of gretsch drumset

Just like your student-level kit, these instruments are all available as rent-to-own with monthly payments working towards ownership.

Taking the Next Step

      Stepping up is a big decision and at Meyer Music we want to ensure that you make the best and most informed choice for your musical goals.

Visit a Meyer Music location to explore upgrade options or schedule a percussion consultation.

Our percussion consultant, Ryan Elvert, is available for consultation appointments during which he can answer your questions, guide you through test-playing, and advise on the technical elements of the instruments.

Ryan studied music theory, composition, and percussion at Central Michigan University. An active performer, he works with a number of local schools helping them with their drumlines and front ensembles.

Percussion Consultation Request

If you submit the form and don’t hear from a consultant soon, please give us a call. Some browsers aren’t compatible with the system and the message doesn’t go through. We’re eager to help!