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Band Instruments

Trusted by more teachers in West and Mid-Michigan, Meyer Music provides unparalleled quality, flexibility, support, and value. 

What instruments are available?

  • We provide all the quality name brands preferred by teachers and are the highest level Yamaha dealer in Michigan.
  • We are authorized dealers for Yamaha, Jupiter, Buffet Crampon, Shires, XO, Fox, Trevor James, Cannonball, Eastman, and Conn-Selmer (including Bach, King, Armstrong, Leblanc, Vito, and Holton).
  • Every instrument is test-played by our technicians and ready for your student.

If I rent-to-own, what does that include?

  • Your student will have the exact instrument and accessories required by their teacher, including a free music stand and school book.

How do the rental payments work?

  • Every single dollar goes towards ownership of your instrument.
  • There are no finance charges or fees and all taxes are included in your low monthly rate.
  • You may pay off your remaining balance anytime and receive an additional discount.

What if the instrument gets broken or damaged?

  • Complete maintenance and replacement coverage is included while renting.
  • The renowned expert techs at Meyer will keep your instrument in optimal playing condition, no matter what!
  • We visit schools each week to pick up and drop off repairs with teachers, saving you a trip to a store.

What if they don’t want to play anymore?

  • Simply return the instrument with no further obligations.

What if they love it?

  • Step up! Trade in and transfer all accumulated credit to an intermediate or professional instrument, continuing the rent-to-own plan on their new instrument.

Why does it matter that Meyer is an authorized dealer?

  • Our close relationships with manufacturers ensures we have exact parts needed for repairs and full access to warranties. For our customers, this means reliable and timely repairs.