whether they try it for a year or play for a lifetime, our flexible rental program supports all students.

String Instruments

Trusted by more teachers in West and Mid-Michigan, Meyer Music provides unparalleled quality, flexibility, support, and value. 

What instruments are available?

  • We provide rent-to-own string instruments and we work closely with teachers to ensure your student has what they need
  • Every instrument is thoroughly reviewed and test-played by our string shop technicians so it’s ready for your student.

What does my rent-to-own package include?

  • Full repair coverage and maintenance– whether you need a string replaced or a major repair, we’ll keep your instrument in optimal playing condition.
  • Complete flexibility with the opportunity to upgrade or return at any point.
  • The instrument required by their teacher, matching their preference.
  • All accessories required by your student’s teacher if your student is enrolled in school orchestra program.
  • A free school method book and music stand for students starting in their school’s first year of orchestra.

How do rental payments work?

  • Every single dollar goes towards ownership of your instrument.
  • If your student starts on a small size instrument, all your accumulated credit transfers to the next sizes up until you reach a full size instrument to own.
  • There are no finance charges or fees and all taxes are included in your low monthly rate.
  • You may pay off your remaining balance anytime and receive an additional discount.

What if the instrument gets broken or damaged?

  • Complete maintenance and replacement coverage is included while renting.
  • The renowned expert techs at Meyer will keep your instrument in optimal playing condition, no matter what!
  • We visit schools each week to pick up and drop off repairs with teachers, saving you a trip to a store.

What if they don’t need their instrument anymore?

  • Simply return the instrument with no further obligations.

Why are there different size instruments?

  • String instruments come in different sizes so your student can effectively learn and play as they grow.
  • When your student is ready for the next size, all your credit transfers to the next size up and we can exchange the instruments right at your school, saving you a trip!
  • Your student’s teacher will size them to determine what they should begin on. If you are unsure what size your teacher selected, you can measure at home for a rough estimate.
  • With your student’s left arm fully extended out horizontally and palm up, place a measuring tape at the base of their neck and measure the distance to the center of the palm. Use the chart below to determine the approximate best fit based on this measurement. It’s best to size down if they are between sizes and Meyer always provides easy exchanges if you need to switch sizes.

string instrument sizing chart

Why are there different instrument levels?

  • Meyer Music offers a variety of string levels so your player has the instrument that matches their skill level. You may upgrade your player anytime and all rental credit will transfer to your new instrument.
  • Student Level: Dependable and affordable instruments for beginners.
  • Intermediate Level: High quality intermediate instruments for when skills and interests develop.
  • Introductory Pro Level: Premium packages for the experienced player.

chart of string level options

What about adult learners?

  • Learning to play an instrument is exciting, no matter what age, and we happily work with adult learners.
  • Adult renters enjoy the same rent-to-own benefits, including repair coverage and the flexibility to return or upgrade anytime. Please note that the free method book and music stand benefit is reserved for beginning students in a school program.
  • To complete an adult rental, on the online rental page select “Adult Rental” from the list of school districts.
  • Adult rentals are subject to a credit check and approval.