whether they try it for a year or play for a lifetime, our flexible rental program supports all students.

String Instruments

As the needs of your growing musician change, so can the instrument you choose. When you rent with Meyer Music, you may change instrument sizes and upgrade the quality level of instrument at any time. At each size or level change, all of your previous payments are transferred.

Flexible Rent-to-Own Program

  • Rent the instrument of your choice at a low monthly fee.
  • Return the instrument anytime with no further obligation.
  • Rent applies to purchase– every dollar of your monthly rent goes towards the purchase of your instrument.
  • One flat monthly rate: no interest or finance charges and all tax included.
  • All rentals include your student’s required school book, music stand, shoulder rest, and polish cloth– all at no added cost.

Full Service and Support

  • Maintenance and replacement coverage is included– providing you with peace of mind as your student learns to play a fairly fragile instrument.
  • Weekly service, repair, and delivery to most area schools.
  • Expert in-house repairs
  • String consultants available for individual appointments when students are ready to step up to the next level.

Instrument Sizes

String instruments come in different sizes so your child can effectively learn and play as they grow. With Meyer Music, all your credit transfers to the next size up.

Your child’s teacher will size them to determine what they should begin on. If you are unsure what size your teacher selected, you can measure your child at home for a rough estimate.

With your child’s left arm fully extended out horizontally and palm up, place a measuring tape at the base of their neck and measure the distance to the center of the palm. Use the chart below to determine the approximate best fit based on this measurement. It’s best to size down if your child is between sizes and Meyer always provides easy exchanges if you need to switch sizes.

string instrument sizing chart

Instrument Levels

Meyer Music offers a variety of string levels so your player has the instrument that matches their skill level. You may upgrade your player anytime and all rental credit will transfer to your new instrument.

  • Student Level: Dependable and affordable instruments for beginners.
  • Intermediate Level: High quality intermediate instruments for when skills and interests develop.
  • Introductory Pro Level: Premium packages for the experienced player.

chart of string level options