String Rentals

Learning a string instrument is rewarding, but is also a process that takes many years. As the needs of your growing musician change, so can the instrument you choose.

When you rent a small-size or full-size instrument, you have the opportunity to upgrade the quality level of instrument at any time as your musician’s ability increases. At each level change, all of your previous payments are transferred.

Instrument Levels

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff at each of our four West Michigan locations is ready to help you and your musician select the right instrument. String instruments are available in different levels based on the expense of their components and the caliber of bows and accessories included.

Some teachers prefer particular levels for their students; if you’re not sure which level to rent, consult your student’s teacher.

  • Beginner, Levels 1-3: Dependable and affordable instruments for beginners.
  • Intermediate, Levels 4-7: High quality intermediate instruments for when skills and interests develop.
  • Advanced, Levels 7-9: Premium packages for the experienced player.

We Make It Easy To Get Started

  • Rent the instrument of your choice at a low monthly price.
  • Return the instrument anytime with no further obligation.
  • Rent applies to purchase.
  • No interest charges or hidden fees, and all taxes are included in the monthly price.
  • Free book, stand, shoulder rest or rock stop, and polish cloth included!

Worry-Free Service and Support

  • Maintenance and replacement coverage is included.
  • Weekly service, repair, and delivery to most area schools.
  • Expert in-house repairs; string specialists.

What size instrument does my student need?

Ideally, they will be sized by their teacher, but in a pinch, you can do the following at home:

  • Find a measuring tape and Have your child extend their left arm horizontally and measure from the left side of their neck to the center of their palm.
  • If your child falls between two sizes, choose the smaller of the two. With your Meyer rental, you can always size up and have all your rental credit move to the next instrument.


Arm measurements and sizes:

18 ½” = 1/4 size violin

20 3/8” = 1/2 size violin

22 ¼” = 3/4 size violin

23 5/8” = 4/4 size violin


Arm measurements and sizes:

20 3/8” = 12” viola

21 7/8” = 13” viola

23 ¼” = 14” Viola

24 7/8”= 15” Viola

25 5/8” = 15 1/2” Viola

26 3/8” = 16” Viola

27 1/8” = 16 ½” Viola