Q. What is a “School Music Specialist”?

A. Our music store focuses on the needs of music educators and beginning and intermediate music students. We are not a “combo” or “piano” store, but a “music education” store, sensitive to the needs of school musicians and teachers. We listen to music educators throughout the area to determine what instruments, supplies, and music will best serve the needs of our area musicians. We encourage and support school music programs and private music teachers in all our activities.

Q. Is it better to buy or rent a musical instrument?

A. Buying is usually better for the experienced musician, while renting is usually better for the beginning musician, especially young students. Renting offers protections very much appreciated by parents. While low monthly rent payments apply continuously to purchase, the renter has valuable options. The instrument may be exchanged for any other with credit transferred to the new instrument, or may be returned anytime without further obligation. Instruments are fussy creatures, and all adjustment and repair is fully covered during the rental. And in case of theft, accident, or vandalism, a replacement instrument is only a telephone call away.

Q. Can “home school” students make use of Meyer Music rentals and services?

A. By all means. We support home schooling, and even lend support to organized home school bands and orchestras (see our local music page).

Q. Must I actually visit the store to buy supplies?

A. Since we visit many Michigan schools on a weekly basis, you may phone in an order for reeds, strings, lubricants, music, marching supplies, etc., and we will deliver it to your music teacher on our next school visit. There is no shipping charge for this service.

Q. Why are you closed on Sundays?

A. We may be a bit old-fashioned, but still believe everyone needs a day of personal family time to nourish and refresh the soul. Our staff values this long-standing tradition.