Congratulations! You’ve decided to begin your child’s musical education. With the help of dedicated teachers at your school, your child will learn to develop creativity, work as a member of a team, and create happy musical memories that last a lifetime.

Band Rentals

We carry every standard student instrument requested by school band and orchestra teachers and offer a “low-cost—no risk” rental plan with built-in protections and advantages that both parents and teachers love. While you’re renting, your money applies to the purchase of the instrument. We make it easy for you to start your musical journey. Read More

RentalsThumbString Rentals

Learning a string instrument is rewarding, but is also a process that takes many years. As the needs of your growing musician change, so can the instrument you choose. When you rent a small-size or full-size instrument, you have the opportunity to upgrade the quality level of instrument at any time as your musician’s ability increases. Read More